Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I have to contact you before shipping? Why do you simply not provide an address on your website?
We are fulltime RV’ers, which means we travel extensively in our RV around the United States. Since we may not stay at one location for very long, we need to touch base so we can let you know where to send your shade.

2. Can you match the cord colors?
We have many commonly used colors (white, off white, antique white, tan, golden brown, medium brown) and are able to make a very close match, taking into consideration fading and dust/dirt. We may be able to order a different string color, however the restringing will take longer. We can discuss on the phone or email if this is the case.

Can I do the packaging myself without going to an UPS type store?
Yes, just package it well so your shade will not get damaged during shipping.

4. Can I ship more than one shade in the box?
Absolutely, as long as they are packaged to minimize shipping damage. See Conditions of Service

5. What if we find unexpected or additional problems?
 If we can’t restring or fix the issue, we will notify you via phone or email as to the specifics so other arrangements can be made.

6. What if the shade is damaged during shipping?
We will notify you via phone or email as to the specifics so other arrangements can be made.

7. Do I need to purchase shipping insurance?
That’s up to you. You assume all the shipping risk, so it might be something to consider.

8. What if I forgot to include a pre-purchased return shipping label in the box?
If a package is received without a pre-purchased return shipping label, an additional payment of $40 ($30 for return shipping including insurance plus a $10 handling fee) will be required. See Conditions of Service

9. I own an RV repair shop and get calls all the time for RV shade restringing – can we do business, meaning, can my shop send you the shade restringing jobs?

Absolutely! Please call and we’ll make arrangements to establish an account.
10. If I have questions, how do I reach you?
You can contact us by phone or by email. See the About Us page