Here's how you do it - it's easy!

1. Contact us via email or telephone (971-322-5689) to review problem(s), final cost and make final shipping arrangements

2. We will send you an invoice and payment instructions via email. We use PayPal for your convenience and identity protection. PayPal accepts all major credit cards and there is no additional fee to you.

3. You remove the shade. Please leave the plastic spools attached to the cords.
This often requires the removal of the valance to gain access to the mounting screws.

4. You package and ship to the address provided on the invoice. Remember to purchase a return shipping label and include the return shipping label in the box with your shade.

5. We will repackage your restrung shade using your packaging materials and send your shade back to you within 1 - 2 days of receipt.

Shipping Hint
You might want to consider using a shipping store (i.e. UPS, USPS). These stores can assist with the packaging, purchasing of a return shipping label and handling the actual shipping.

Conditions of Service:
Since you are paying for shipping both ways, it’s your decision whether to purchase shipping insurance and/or delivery confirmation. We are not responsible and assume no risk if shades are damaged during shipment or fail to be delivered to either party.

If a package is received without a pre-purchased return shipping label, an additional payment of $40 ($30 for return shipping including insurance plus a $10 handling fee) will be required to PayPal.